Recap and redo

Monticello – the nickel view

Let me start by saying my original plan was to blog all last week while we were on vacation.  A couple of things prevented that from happening. First off, I forgot the card reader, which would have allowed me to import pictures from the big camera to the laptop.  Second, this blog is asked on the WordPress platform.  The WordPress app for the iPad is practically useless when it comes to working with media.  After futzing around for an hour or so, and starting to get frustrated, I decided that I was missing the whole point of vacation, which was to RELAX!

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Cub Scout Day Camp 2014

Den 14, in front of the covered Bridge
Den 14, in front of the covered Bridge

Now that our busier than normal weekend is over, I can finally get this post out about Albert’s week last week.

Each year, shortly after school lets out, the Cub Scouts in Licking County converge on Camp Falling Rock for Day Camp.  It is a week long adventure where they learn many things, from Map Reading and Geo-Caching  to BB guns and Archery.  With him being at Bear rank now, he also got to try whittling with his pocket knife and a bar of soap.

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The circus is in town

IMG_8286A couple weeks ago, my boss gave me tickets to the circus, as something came up and he was not going to be able to use them.  Albert had never been to the circus before, Andrea hadn’t been since she was a kid.  I saw it several years ago on a band trip at Madison Square Gardens, in New York City, but who’s bragging?  Oh yeah, that would be me.

Matt had mentioned that the tickets were Premium tickets, and when we got there, I could see why, they were in the front row.  How could you get any more premium than that, right?  More on this later…

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The race to the finish

Things are heating up
Things are heating up

The Cub Scout year is coming to a close. Quickly. As with most things around here, much faster that we anticipated. Pack graduation is less than two weeks away, and the handbooks, which list all the requirements for the year, need to be turned in this wee so that they can verify that the scouts did everything they needed to do in order to graduate.

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First Holy Communion

Getting ready to drink from the Chalice
Getting ready to drink from the Chalice

This past Saturday, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Johnstown, Albert made is First Holy Communion.  It was a very nice service as the largest group of kids our church has seen received the sacrament for the first time.

Albert, and us too, would like to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, companionship, and gifts.  To know we are so blessed by everyone in our lives means the world to us.

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Cub Scout Belt Loops

Impatiens from my mother's flower pot
Pansies from my mother’s flower pot

Tonight was part two of my work with Albert’s Cub Scout pack on earning their Photography Belt Loop.  Belt loops are basically the same as merit badges for the Boy Scouts.  There are certain things you have to learn and do to earn the award.

Last month, the boys learned the parts of the camera, what we take pictures of, and why it is important. They were also given homework, as there was one more step to earning the belt loop, and that was they had to go out and take 10 pictures, then bring them back to a pack meeting, and show off what they have taken.  The rules were they couldn’t take 10 pictures of the same thing and no “selfies”.  I wanted to see what interested them.

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He’s 8

2006 - I'm here!
2006 – I’m here!

8 years ago today, after a long night, and an even longer morning, Albert Mark Holland was born.  It’s been a fun eight years, filled with laughter, tears, humor, sarcasm, and “Albert-isms” (if you’ve spent any time around him, you know what I mean by that!)  He’s constantly bringing joy into the house with his ways, and we love the fact that he’s not too old for a good snuggle.  Happy birthday Albert!  I hope 8 is your best year yet!

2007 - First haircut, right before he turned a year old
2007 – First haircut, right before he turned a year old

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Hammin’ it up

Probably his favorite spot to get a picture taken
Probably his favorite spot to get a picture taken

For most of Albert’s life, we have had a membership to the Columbus Zoo. Its always nice when you don’t have to see the whole zoo in one trip, just choosing to take your time in one area or another. One thing that never seems to change though is Albert’s love toham it up in front of the camera, typically on the sculptures of the animals scattered through out the zoo. A few of them we probably have a picture of from every single trip.

This past weekend was no different, as we went to the zoo on Sunday. Every chance he could, Albert had to act up in front of the camera, even directing how he wanted some of the shots taken.

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It’s been a while

It’s been pointed out to me, by my own mother no less, that it’s been a while since I’ve updated this site. After looking, we are closing in on two years. ACK!!!!!

A lot has happened over those two years, so I’m going to try and fill you in on everything in time. I’ll start today by saying I’m a Grandpa now. My son Andy and his girlfriend Torie had a baby last October.

It’s been fun having him around all the time, watching him grow up already. The most amazing part of babies is watching them learn every day. Cadance is no different. He’ll be crawling in no time, and things here will be totally different. Time to start child proofing again. You’d think I would be used to this by now..




A Simpler time – Day 4

The whole gang going for a ride

(Sorry for the late post.  The internet connection was iffy last night, and  a late night meant no post)

We continued to explore the city yesterday.  Albert got to learn the games and toys that the colonial era kids used to play.  He did suprisingly well with the ring game, keeping it rollong for quite a while.  A visit to the gunsmith  showed us how some of the rifles and pistols were made, and, if we were so inclined, could have gotten on the 5 year waiting list to have one custome made for us.  I would hate to see the price tag that goes with that.

A few shops later, it was off for our carriage ride.  our driver did an excellent job in letting us know the history o many of the buildings, while answereing all of our questions.  The knowledge that the ‘costumed workers’ have is impressive.

A visit to Bruton Parish Church was nice. We sat in Thomas Jefferson’s pew for the noon prayer service, which was kind of humbling.

More shops in the afternoon, along with the tours of the Magazine and the Capitol building.  The work that the tour guides do with the kids is really nice.  It keps them involved, and whips a little knowledge on them at the same time.

We marched behind the Fife and Drum corps as they were headed to the Troop inspection and visit from General Layfayette, our new French Ally.  Albert and I marched right beside the drummers on the march back through town, Albert making sure I did not get to far ahead of the drumline.

Thanks to Al and Alice, Andrea and I go to go back into town at night by ourselves to see the salute to America, which included a fireworks display over the palace.  A very moving show it was.

One more day in the city, then its time to come home.  I am sure this place will be on our list to come back to in the future.

A shopkeeper sitting in the window drumming up business
Fireworks over the Governor’s Palace